Four days a week Union Square burst with the vibrant colors and smells of the Green Market. With this comes the bustle of chefs pulling wagons full of fresh ingredients for their seasonal menus, locals looking for the quality you can’t find in the grocery store and tourist snapping pictures of colorful displays of root vegetables and bunches of fresh cut flowers.

Like thousands of New Yorkers, the Farmers Market is my personal favorite place to shop for farm to table, organic and seasonal produce. What makes the Green Market even more exceptional is the people who work there. Every vendor has a tremendous sense of pride in their products and a plethora of knowledge on how to use it. I always find this factor of the market the most compelling. When you want to meet true Brand Ambassadors, each stand offers a quality of product only surpassed by the person telling you about it. The knowledge is evident in the way they explain how the honey is harvested or why the cheese taste nuttier and the other sweet or what the difference is between the eight types of onions they sell and which you should use for the dish you are making. To be a true Brand Ambassador you not only need to know your product, but you also need to be passionate. When you ask one of the sales people a question about a type of produce or loaf of bread, this is when the knowledge becomes passion, you can see it in their faces, gestures and the words they use to describe what you are holding. I always find it such a joy to stroll through the Green Market and listen and learn and buy from these Brand Ambassadors.