Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Associate Communications Platform.  It’s a sophisticated, highly branded, private broadcast network with instant-on, non-streaming video; a self-publishing interface; granular targeting; real-time metrics; field accessibility; instant, internal global broadcasting from an iPad or desktop; and a simple dashboard interface.

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Yes. Advances that shaped the new mACP category fill the gaping void in how traditional learning management systems (LMS) prepare associates for today’s fast-paced, digitally-influenced in-store selling environment. INCITE® is a robust platform built for today’s modern and evolving company needs.

Yes. INCITE® delivers last-mile solution to educating, informing, evaluating and empowering customer-facing employees. It offers the agility and independence to keep up with pace of business today.

No. For majority of our clients we are the only platform used for communications and training.

Yes. INCITE® can be integrated to use single sign-on credentials.

Yes. This level of compliance means our app can run on the same systems as your POS, eliminating the need for investing in additional hardware.

In addition, INCITE® is 3rd party penetration tested annually to maintain compliant to recognized standards within the industry.

Yes, INCITE® Acceleration Server provides a local store-server based solution to further minimize bandwidth use and provide unlimited publishing.

Yes. For large enterprise accounts that meet a minimum of 50,000 users/month.

Automated feed files exchanged via SFTP. Updates can be hourly or daily.

INCITE® offers real-time data. Data organized by Company, Region, District, Store and Associate. The user ID and password gives access their corresponding areas. Question level detail is viewable down to an individual employee including “participation and score card”, making the data actionable for field leaders.

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We offer tier 3 technical support.

MMP (multimedia plus) is the company, INCITE® is our app based platform and QuizScore is the web-hosted backend that that supports publishing and all your reporting.

INCITE® and QuizScore are both part of the INCITE® platform and work seamlessly together.

Platform Overview

Yes, we offer custom work and strategic support.

“Designed by MMP” are our custom created programs. Using both technology and media, our group of seasoned professionals ensures your project runs smoothly and the deliverables are on time and within budget.

Strategic Support with MMP jumpstarts the process by helping your team understand how to achieve results quickly. This may include suggestions on ways to re-invent existing content by adding interactive elements, or simply organizing learning flow to assist with digestion of content.

As INCITE® is a cloud based solution, on-premise hosting is not available.

Yes. Granular configuration of blackout periods is available.

Yes. Settings can be made as either absolute limits to bandwidth or as percent of bandwidth available.

Yes, INCITE® Acceleration Server provides a local store-server based solution to further minimize bandwidth use and provide unlimited publishing.

Yes! iPhones and Android phones are supported as well as devices running iOS or Android OS.