For over 25 years MMP has designed and produced programs that continuously set the standard. Using both technology and media “Designed by MMP” is always evolving to cater to new audiences and achieve results.

The team consists of experienced content experts, producers, videographers, editors, interactive designers and programmers. The goal is to create compelling experiences that intentionally resonate with the audience to focus on strategies that impact KPI’s.

Your dedicated Lead facilitates the project from concept to release. This includes the timeline, key deliverables, casting, shoot prep and any other needs. The Lead’s goal is to ensure your project runs smoothly, that all elements are in line with the scope of work, and the deliverables are on time and within budget.

Our reputation is built on the continuous partnerships and multiple projects we’ve produced for our customers.

These custom programs focus on:
On-boarding, Selling and Service, Operations, Clienteling, Foundational and Seasonal Product, New Product Launches, Loss Prevention, Leadership Development, Tutorials and Executive Messages.

Making of a Sales Specialist

Tiffany & Co. sets the bar for selling and service excellence. When they launched INCITE® as the sales specialist’s go-to mobile platform, they partnered with MMP to create custom experiential programs. These beautifully branded programs were designed to train both new and tenured sales professionals.

Reinvent Live Training

This cosmetic brand needed to re-evaluate the impact and cost of live group training for a 3-day off-site induction. By creating a digital journey on INCITE®, we educated associates on the brand essence, best-selling products, sales and service, and operational excellence. The all-encompassing training included on-floor activities and assessments, as well as opportunities for management engagement.

Above 90% Participation

A longtime client of MMP, this growing Canadian retailer is in the process of expanding into the U.S. market and reinventing its in-store experience. The company needed dynamic programs to engage their Gen-Z store teams, for on-boarding, selling and service, and operational excellence. Filmed with two casts, one English speaking and one French Canadian, MMP developed and created foundational courses for associates and managers.


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