Key Features

Video Without Streaming

Non-streaming patented technology, optimized for low bandwidth environments.

Real-Time Data

Web-hosted data is actionable and tiered for all levels of leadership.

Branded Experience

Engaging and visually stimulating. Field teams are more likely to participate in a platform that is an extension of the brand and available exclusively to them.

Drag & Drop Publishing

Easily create, target, and publish communications and training.

Speed to Deploy

Launch a branded app-based platform in weeks, not months.

Secure and Scalable

An enterprise grade PCI and SOC compliant solution. In use by global organizations with 1000 - 100,000 users.

Additional Features

Native App

Built for optimized performance and user experience. Uniquely caches content locally for instant-on availability.

Device Agnostic

From desktop to laptop, tablet to POS—your employees are always connected, regardless of bandwidth challenges.

PCI and SOC compliant

Enterprise-grade software allows you to run with confidence on your POS devices and any in-store hardware.

SSO Integration

Supports single sign-on integration for ease of use and security.

Multilingual Content Hosting

System filters the information across your entire organization, according to language preference and geographical location.

Responsive Design

Run on any smart phone, tablet, or PC.

API Integration

Ability to integrate the platform with third party systems via custom APIs.

Central Hub

Easily configured dashboard icons link to third party apps, websites, and social media pages, give direct access from a central location.

Smart Device Memory Management

Anticipates users' needs and downloads content ahead of time, and removes content that has been viewed.

Bandwidth Throttling

Granular settings that allow you to limit maximum bandwidth utilization by the app.

Background Updating of Content

Minimize impact on bandwidth with overnight/background content download settings.

Local Content Server Capable

The patented process behind our INCITE® Acceleration Server allows a local webserver in each location to sync content from the cloud and serve it to local devices.

Unique Experience By User

Personalized learning curriculum and communications based on role, tenure, store, etc.


Control to manage programs and resources, and share relevant knowledge at different levels.


Establish continuous learning and experiences by controlling the learning path.

Search Functionality

Users can access information quickly and easily in the app.

Authoring Capabilities

Intuitive authoring tool enables quick and easy creation of content via drag and drop interface.

Multilingual Authoring

Easily publish content in multiple languages.

Interactive Media

Create experiential media components to enhance your programs.

Supports HTML5 Content

HTML5 content is easily deployed within the platform.


Use surveys to gain insight from employees.

Video Simulations

Video role plays allow users to test knowledge in a practical format.

Word/ Picture Bank Assessments

Appeal to visual learners with game-like activities.


Maximize participation and impact on payroll dollars.

On-the-Floor Training

Continuous engagement IBC (in- between customers).

Manager-Specific Dashboard

Quick access to information allows coaching and mentoring, to identify opportunities by store and individual.