The Importance of Maintaining Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is more than a set of buzzwords. It’s the foundation for success.

Most of us recognize the value of brand consistency, whether we realize it or not. It’s why when traveling to a new city many people eat at the same fast-food restaurants that can be found in their home town. A Big Mac is the same familiar burger whether it’s being served in Portland, Ore., or Portland, Maine.

Brand consistency inspires confidence and a feeling of dependability in customers.

“Part of engaging the right emotions with your consumers is making them feel like they know your brand and that your brand can be trusted,” writes marketing firm Venveo on its company blog. “Brand consistency is part of building trust.”

A brand, though, is much more than a logo, store design or the products a company offers. A brand is an experience, beginning with the greeting a customer receives when they enter a store, the service associates provide while they are there and the “thanks for coming in today” they hear as they leave.

Although a graphic designer, an architect, a corporate chef or product buyer can create part of a consistent experience, the task of delivering the overall experience rests with those frontline associates. Customers want to feel assured that when they walk into a location, whether it be a restaurant, a shoe store or a fashion boutique, that they’ll receive the same level of service no matter what town they’re in.

Forbes contributor and branding writer William Arruda had this to say about the topic: “Brands are built through the consistent delivery of the brand promise through all stakeholder touch points.”

And branding success, Arruda writes, requires an organization take steps that include investing in high-quality training for frontline employees so that the customer’s experience is always consistent with the brand message. Such training can unearth the talents of those employees, empowering them to become engaged and devoted brand ambassadors.

Training for brand success

With the words of Arruda and other branding experts in mind, the challenge becomes creating that training program and finding a way to deliver it to employees in a way that captures their attention and fosters learning.

Often, the solution lies in leveraging the same digital tools that are a part of workers’ everyday lives.

Technology firm Multimedia Plus, for example, leverages tablets for its INCITE 5.0 Mobile Associate Communications Platform (mACP). Already used by some of the top retail brands, INCITE is a sophisticated, highly branded, mobile-first private broadcast network with instant-on, non-streaming video; self-publishing interface; granular targeting; real-time metrics; field accessibility; instant, internal global broadcasting from an app; and a simple dashboard interface.

And for those who lack the time and experience to create a program themselves, Multimedia Plus has been designing and producing training materials for more than 20 years using both technology and media. The company’s services include creating quality custom programs for its INCITE clients, focusing on everything from selling and service to leadership development.

The Multimedia Plus team consists of experienced content experts, producers, videographers, editors, interactive designers and programmers. Their goal is to create compelling experiences that resonate with the audience, inspiring them to focus on strategies that impact key performance indicators.

The payoff of such a training program? A recent survey by software company Demand Metric found that companies can increase revenue by 23 percent simply through brand consistency. Training is key to achieving that consistency, and to increasing the bottom line.

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