Mobile Tools Create New Employee Training Opportunities

mobile Associate Communication Platform (mACP) is Reshaping How Retailers Educate, Inform and Evaluate In-Store Employees.

The Internet changed how people shop. Mobile changed how shoppers interact with retailers. Now a nimble and sophisticated new mobile associate communication platform – mACP – is changing how retailers educate, inform and evaluate their most powerful and expensive asset: Their in-store employees.

The platform fills a void in how Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning and Development (L&D) departments prepare associates for today’s fast-paced, digitally influenced selling environment. The advances are instrumental in delivering the last-mile solution to empowering customer-facing employees, allowing them to create the personalized retail engagement and experiences that only the physical store can provide.

Unlike traditional HR platforms, mACP is a sophisticated, highly branded, private broadcast network with instant-on, non-streaming video; a self-publishing interface; granular accessibility; instant, internal global broadcasting from an iPad or desktop; and a simple dashboard interface, all and more from a well- established service training expert and Apple Business Solution Provider.

In-store experience remains king

E-commerce sales remain strong, but 85 percent of consumers still prefer shopping in stores. At the same time, only those retailers who invest in associate training and evaluation strategies, and in providing up-to-the minute, on-floor communication strategies, can keep their employees one step ahead of those demanding, tech-savvy shoppers.

Most brick-and-mortar retailers recognize this truth and its challenges, but many aren’t spending the resources necessary to empower customer-facing associates to best leverage the physical store’s experiences. Unfortunately, a significant number have yet to move beyond outdated back-room LMS methods and HR-owned associate education.

But by leveraging the mACP category of communication software, B&M retailers can thrive in the increasingly competitive in-store universe – even while hundreds of peers continue to close their doors.

The business case has been strong for app-based communication interactive mobile training and communications technology deployed locally or globally to strengthen the product knowledge, selling and conversion skills of individual sales associates, without taking talent off the selling floor.

Filling the gap

New York-based Multimedia Plus, is fulfilling the need for a new approach to associate training with its patented INCITE app, already in used by dozens of retailers.

With the recent introduction of INCITE 5.0, the next-gen version of the app, Multimedia Plus has firmly established the new Mobile Associate Communications Platform category. Both the mACP category and INCITE solution mark a major shift in single iPad users’ training and communications.

“INCITE is a mobile-first app that takes the brains behind QuizScore and creates a robust solution to empower associates while creating an all-encompassing tool for managers and executives,” said David Harouche, founder, CEO and CTO for Multimedia Plus.

INCITE’s patented, app-based, non-streaming training video modules brings instant training and communications to the hands of every associate. INCITE also provides managers and executives with data-rich metrics, including progress completing training materials and scores achieved on certifications. They can then measure that data against key performance indicators at levels ranging from individual employees to the entire organization, using that data as part of employee assessments.

INCITE’s metrics can also indicate if in-store merchandising strategies are effective, allowing for continuous evaluation and improvement.

The next step

Evaluating and boosting core competencies is crucial to the success of front-line associates; moving retailers forward to continually develop their in-store workforce. Training that mobile workforce is at the heart of the new mACP category of employee communications.

Interested in a more in-depth look at leveraging mACP to advance how you educate, inform and evaluate your most expensive and powerful asset – your in-store employees? Click here to download a free white paper on the new associate training category.