In the latest episode of Retail Rockstars, Jodi dives into the remarkable journey of Friar Tux, a leader in the celebratory sector celebrating its golden 50th anniversary. Eric Acuna, VP of Sales, and Jennifer Herrera, Director of Performance and Culture, share how INCITE has revolutionized the way Friar Tux approaches training, communication, and store management.

🔹 Unified Communication: INCITE’s platform has become the central hub for Friar Tux’s diverse departments, streamlining processes, and ensuring that every team member is aligned and informed.

🔹 Proof of Life in Retail: The ability to instantly share and standardize visual merchandising across all locations has been a game-changer, ensuring consistency and brand integrity.

🔹 Empowering Regional Managers: With INCITE, the need for physical store checks has been reduced, allowing managers to focus on strategic initiatives and support.

🔹 Change Management Made Easy: Friar Tux’s journey illustrates the importance of a central platform that simplifies communication, drives efficiency, and fosters a culture of recognition and learning.

Dive into their story and discover how leveraging the right technology can not only declutter operations but also amplify customer-centricity, drive sales, and cultivate a welcoming corporate culture that values each team member’s contribution.