Turnover in retail isn’t just an operational hassle—it’s a profit sinkhole and a growth inhibitor. The industry’s persistent cycle of hire-train-lose-rehire needs a breakthrough. Yes, onboarding is crucial, but what if the real solution to turnover lies beyond the welcome mat?

The Onboarding Trap

Retailers often focus on onboarding as the be-all and end-all of training. The thinking goes that if we onboard effectively, we’ll retain more effectively. But onboarding is only the first date in a long-term relationship. Without continuous learning and skill-building, even the most promising new hires can quickly become the next exit interview.

Continuous Training: The Engagement Engine

At MMP, we believe in a holistic approach to associate development. It’s not just about training for the job—it’s about cultivating a career. INCITE takes associates beyond the basics, into a world of ongoing product knowledge and skill expansion. It’s continuous training that keeps associates not just informed, but engaged and growing.

Engage to Retain

Studies show that engagement is key to retention. Associates who feel they are developing professionally are more likely to stay. They want to feel part of something growing, not just filling a spot until something better comes along. And when they grow, so does your business.

The INCITE Difference

With INCITE, learning is an always-on, dynamic journey. From mastering new products to honing customer service tactics, our platform turns every day into an opportunity to learn and every task into a chance to excel.

Building a Future, Not Just Filling a Role

We believe that when you invest in your associates’ growth, they invest their future in you. That’s why INCITE isn’t just a training platform; it’s a retention tool, a growth engine, and a commitment to every associate that their future is as bright as your brand’s.

Your Move

If you’re ready to break the turnover cycle and foster a culture of growth and engagement, it’s time to think beyond onboarding. It’s time for INCITE.

Are you in?