Multimedia Plus launches B.Y.O.C. (BRING YOUR OWN CONTENT)

Client content repackaged & transformed into a branded & measurable training tool

Multimedia Plus, a technology-driven creative services firm that develops communications solutions for the world’s leading brands, has launched a new product, “B.Y.O.C.” or Bring Your Own Content. B.Y.O.C. allows companies to quickly unlock the value of existing content by incorporating it into an easy and affordable e-learning solution to track and measure results, driving performance in the field.

B.Y.O.C. takes existing video, multimedia, and additional existing content and wraps it in a shell with a tie-in to Multimedia Plus’s proprietary QuizScore backend. The new format allows for low bandwidth delivery which is a valuable solution to the normally high bandwidth streaming technologies many companies have been using. Company

executives are able to track performance by region, district or store – down to individual scores. The program tracks who participated in the training and what areas need improvement.

“We found that companies had spent a significant percentage of their budget on training programs that were on the shelves and no longer being used. Even when the programs were running there was no way to track performance,” says David Harouche, president of Multimedia Plus. “B.Y.O.C. leverages the existing programs and creates

a distinctively different response because we incorporate the content into QuizScore. Clients can finally track the investment made in training and clearly measure ROI.”

As brands continue to focus on their international reach, the B.Y.O.C. program is leveraging existing content for global training programs in multiple languages. This allows for a faster turn-around on key training issues and a more immediate response in areas that need to be reviewed, particularly in new markets.

Developed by Multimedia Plus, QuizScore is a proprietary online training platform that enables clients to reach employees in the field and drive performance. QuizScore bundles high-definition video and interactive training inside a lightweight app, so bandwidth is never an issue. Tracking software helps clients assess training effectiveness to determine where employees need improvement, and how best to refine programs by regional, district, and store levels. A client’s database is stored in the cloud, which enables field managers to easily access the information they need from any location with a laptop or smartphone.

Multimedia Plus, an Inc. 5000 fastest growing company in 2009 & 2011, is a provider of learning and communications for the world’s leading brands. The Company enables brands to deliver rich-media training experiences and easily track training effectiveness through an integrated e-learning platform, The company’s programs are being used by American brands globally and are translated into more than 22 languages.