Multimedia Plus Releases Enhanced User Tool for QuizScore

New interface allows companies greater control of data.

Multimedia Plus, a technology-driven creative services firm that creates selling and service programs for the world’s leading brands, has released an enhanced User Management Tool on QuizScore. Clients will now have direct control over the administrative functions, and smaller organizations can directly add or remove users from an easy to use interface.

The new realignment function allows administrators to easily realign regions, districts and stores. Individuals can be authorized for new programs with the ease of flipping a virtual switch.

“This is really a distinct feature built for retailers – that allows them to use a tool that truly is built for retail,” says David Harouche, president of Multimedia Plus. “We are dedicated to providing the industry with customized tools that are designed specifically for their needs. Our goal is to offer products that help increase sales through innovative and customized training while providing a model that directly demonstrates return on investment.”

For Wholesale, International and Franchise businesses Regional and District Managers can have the ability to add or remove users in their area. “This really opens up the possibilities for decentralized organizations, where there’s not a single list of all employees who need to take the training,” says Harouche.

To meet the demands of a global marketplace, QuizScore and the new interface have been translated into the seven languages – English, French Canadian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Portuguese.

Developed by Multimedia Plus, QuizScore is a proprietary online training platform that enables clients to reach employees in the field and drive performance. QuizScore bundles high-definition video and interactive training inside a lightweight app, so bandwidth is never an issue. Tracking software helps clients assess training effectiveness to determine where employees need improvement, and how best to refine programs by regional, district, and store levels. A client’s database is stored in the cloud, which enables field managers to easily access the information they need from any location with a laptop or smartphone.

Multimedia Plus, an Inc. 5000 fastest growing company in 2009 & 2011, is a provider of learning and communications for the world’s leading brands. The Company enables brands to deliver rich-media training experiences and easily track training effectiveness through an integrated e-learning platform, The company’s programs are being used by American brands globally and are translated into more than 22 languages.