Multimedia Plus Launches OpInsight Report®

C-Level Executives able to analyze training success and ROI

Multimedia Plus, a technology-driven creative services firm that develops communications solutions for the world’s leading brands, has launched a new product, the OpInsight Report® which correlates performance training to key business metrics. C-level executives now can have the visibility to easily see the top and bottom performing regions and districts at a glance.

“The launch of the OpInsight Report® is part of the constant focus and development of products and services that demonstrate the value of training programs powered by QuizScore,” says David Harouche, president of Multimedia Plus. “Clients discussed with us the importance of correlating training results with successful store sales to
fully understand the investment and effectiveness of training programs. OpInsight Report® is an efficient tool that provides valuable information quickly and easily.”

OpInsight Report® is now available to Multimedia Plus clients that are using the proprietary QuizScore cloud-based solution. The program is seamlessly incorporated to the existing client account and can create reports on a national, regional or local level. Individual retail locations can also be tracked from anywhere in the world.
Information such as number of employees who have completed a training module, their individual scores, date and time of completion and other details are included in the program.

Developed by Multimedia Plus, QuizScore is a proprietary SaaS training platform that enables clients to reach employees in the field and drive performance. QuizScore bundles high-definition video and interactive training inside a lightweight app, so bandwidth is never an issue. Tracking software helps clients assess training
effectiveness to determine where employees need improvement, and how best to refine programs by regional, district, and store levels. A client’s database is stored in the cloud, which enables field managers to easily access the information they need from any location with a laptop or smartphone.

Multimedia Plus, an Inc. 5000 fastest growing company in 2009 & 2011, is a provider of learning and communications for the world’s leading brands. The Company enables brands to deliver rich-media training experiences and easily track training effectiveness through an integrated e-learning platform, The company’s programs are being used by American brands globally and are translated into more than 22 languages.