At NRF 2024, a clear trend emerged: revitalizing the in-store experience using innovative technology. Retailers are increasingly focusing on how digital tools can enhance physical stores, making them more interactive, personalized, and engaging for customers.

One of the standout solutions aligning with this trend is INCITE by Multimedia Plus. With features like the INCITE Kiosk and INCITE Customer Engagement Hub, this platform plays a pivotal role in transforming the retail landscape.

The INCITE Kiosk offers on-demand product information and promotions, enhancing customer exploration, while the INCITE Customer Engagement Hub empowers associates to deliver personalized content, elevating the shopping experience.

Beyond customer interaction, INCITE ensures associates are well-informed and task-efficient. It provides timely training and operational updates, ensuring they stay knowledgeable and effective in their roles. This dual focus on customer engagement and associate empowerment positions INCITE as a comprehensive solution for modern retailers.

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