Incite Kiosk Levels
Up Customer

Multimedia Plus’s platform now features “three phases” of application in a store.

Multimedia Plus

Incite Kiosk works on tablets and can be placed anywhere in a store. Courtesy image.noneEarlier this summer, Multimedia Plus, the communication and training solution provider, rolled out “Incite Kiosk” — an expansion of the company’s flagship platform. Incite Kiosk transforms store-level tablets into “interactive touchpoints” to level up the shopping experience.

Aside from creating an immersive experience on the sales floor, Incite Kiosk includes all of the features of the prior version of the platform, including store associate training, communication and sales functions. Incite Kiosk features seamless navigation and customizable branding capabilities for retailers and brands.

Here, David Harouche, founder and chief executive officer of Multimedia Plus, discusses the value proposition of Incite Kiosk and how it is transforming the in-store shopping experience.

WWD: What was the impetus behind launching Incite Kiosk?

David Harouche: We’ve seen a real clear shift where retailers want to leverage technology to enhance the customer experience. And it’s through the adoption of digital signage and interactive kiosks that really should engage shoppers in new ways, in different ways. Incite Kiosk does just that. It’s a device that has three different phases and can be used on a tablet, say an iPad or an Android, and mounted onto a display. It’s very low profile.

And while the idea of a kiosk isn’t new, keeping it really to a small footprint and having it in different parts of a store is new.

WWD: Can you give an example?

D.H.: Sure. Inicite Kiosk can be mounted in different departments or section of a store, by denim or footwear. When the tablet is in kiosk mode, the customer can interact with it as a marketing tool. The associate can also pick up the device, pick up the tablet, and they can use it. We call that the second phase.

And then the third phase is really for store associates to use it for what we call “in-between customer training” where they can go through the way that we’ve been delivering training on the tablet.

So, it is seamlessness through those phases of use. And the integration of Incite Kiosk with our existing Insight platform means that retailers can now deliver their training, communication and digital signage all from a single comprehensive solution. This reduces the complexity of these functions and ensures consistency across all of these different touch points.

WWD: How does Incite Kiosk impact store associates?

D.H.: One important aspect is that we’re not replacing an engaged and educated associate. Incite Kiosk really enhances their abilities and compliments that human touch. We firmly believe in the value of well-trained associates and motivated staff. Technology can’t replace that, and we don’t really view it that way. Instead, we’re viewing the Incite Kiosk to work together with the associates to enhance their abilities.

WWD: In what way?

D.H.: Incite Kiosk takes care of the routine and informative tasks thereby freeing up associates to really focus on the higher-value activities that require human interaction and decision-making. Associates can then spend more time assisting customers in providing personalized recommendations and creating a memorable in-store experience when they’re interacting.

The ability to quickly look things up and have access to information at their fingertips, which I think is key. And again, the difference of it being a physical kiosk like the old school where there’s this giant piece of hardware in the middle of a floor versus putting it on a tablet mounted to a display — it allows you to differentiate. You’re by the denim wall, you can have that information on sizing and fit, so they have quick and easy access to it.

You can even have information on what pairs with that. Information that they’re used to being able to receive right in front of them where they don’t have to look it up on their phone, but it is right there. Separating up that information for the consumer to be able to interact, I think is key.

There’s also access to branded content, which the associate can share with the consumer and educational information that helps associates speak to the product better. It makes them experts, and I think that’s why you’re walking into a store. The big disconnect is when a consumer walks into the store and knows more than the associate. The expectation is the associate knows at least as much. And if they don’t, they can look up that information quickly and easily. And that’s that gap that we’re trying to close.

WWD: How can the hospitality industry leverage Incite Kiosk?

D.H.: I do think the opportunity in a hotel is great. Again, having information accessible at the fingertips of a consumer as well as by a concierge’s desk where the concierge can use it to get that information is a game-changer. They can also use the device to be able to pull up information directly that they can then share with the guest.

WWD: So, Incite Kiosk changes how retailers, hotels and brands interact with consumers?

D.H.: Well, I think it is key to be able to reach consumers where they are. We’re in a world where people spend more time streaming video than they are watching broadcast. That shift has happened already. So, the ability to reach consumers through traditional forms of advertising and television advertising doesn’t exist anymore. Being able to reach consumers where they are in the moment of making a purchase is essential. Being able to influence that consumer when they’re in front of the product, whether you’re educating them or you are presenting them with an advertisement, being able to interact with that consumer at that point of purchase is key.

WWD: How would you describe the overall value proposition of Incite Kiosk?

D.H.: Well, I think the important aspect is that Incite Kiosk doesn’t replace engagement and educated associates. It enhances their ability and compliments the human touch. So again, we consistently believe that the value of well-trained and motivated staff cannot be replaced by technology. Instead, Incite Kiosk is designed to work in harmony with your frontline teams. And I think at the end of the day, it’s not about replacing humans with machines; it’s about using technology to elevate human potential.

Incite Kiosk is really part of our commitment to marrying innovation with irreplaceable qualities that make associates an integral part of the retail experience.