Multimedia Plus Debuts Updated App to Empower Store Associates

The platform offers brand strategies, updated product information, and up-selling opportunities among other assets.

Multimedia Plus, the company behind app-based communications platform Incite, has debuted its newest addition to its suite of solutions, Incite Publisher 2.0. The platform delivers enhanced publishing opportunities to store associates — a timely facet given the pressure placed on in-store workers to engage with shoppers for optimal brand experiences.

“We have taken activities that used to require our programmers to manually code and put them directly into our clients’ hands. This offers retailers a true advantage in terms of speed for publishing time-sensitive information and a significant cost savings,” said David Harouche, chief executive officer and chief technology officer of Multimedia Plus.

Extending training and informational material via the app, the newest edition allows retailers to update the app in multiple languages via drag-and-drop interfaces.

“Incite provides sales associates with ongoing, day-to-day updates and offensive skill-building and brand strategies required in today’s fast-paced world of in-store retail,” a company spokesman said. “Key areas of communication include product knowledge, new up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, problem-solving techniques, professional and management development, the latest corporate announcements and other communications, as part of the programs delivered by MMP on behalf of clients.”

In addition to enhanced management tools, Incite 2.0 additionally issues real-time metrics ranging from receipt of communication and quiz completion. To date, Incite has delivered more than one million programs and five million modules to store associates in 22 countries, the spokesman said.

As retailers and brands are tasked with reaching consumers across all touch points — digital and in-store — ensure that store associates are armed with real-time product information and other deep customer analytics is a crucial component of ensuring shoppers encounter a consistent, seamless journey. On the front lines of consumer engagement, store associates who are well-versed in brand offerings have the opportunity to not only bolster brand loyalty, but also grow revenue.

Multimedia Plus clients range from Solstice Sunglasses to Tiffany & Co. to Bare Minerals, Brooks Bothers and Armani, among others.