The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) has long been the standard in e-learning content interoperability. Developed in the late 90s, SCORM was designed to create universally compatible content across various Learning Management Systems (LMS). Despite its widespread adoption, SCORM’s rigid structure presents significant limitations in modern retail environments.

A Brief History of SCORM

SCORM emerged from the need for standardized e-learning content that could operate seamlessly across different systems. It revolutionized the way educational materials were developed, shared, and accessed. However, SCORM was created in an era before the ubiquity of mobile learning and the fast-paced nature of retail.

The Challenges of Streaming and Encapsulated Content

SCORM’s streaming content requires a stable internet connection, which can be a hurdle on a busy retail floor. Its encapsulated modules are designed to be consumed in a single sitting, from start to finish. This linear consumption model clashes with the dynamic and interruptive nature of retail, where associates may need to pause their learning to attend to customers.

The Customer Service Impasse

Imagine an associate engaged in SCORM-based training on the sales floor when a customer approaches. The associate faces an unwelcome choice: ignore the customer to complete the training module or exit the training and later restart from the beginning. Both options have serious drawbacks. The former compromises customer service; the latter disrupts the learning process. This dilemma has led many retail VPs to prohibit on-floor training, severing the connection between learning and immediate application.

INCITE: A Paradigm Shift in Retail Training

INCITE represents a paradigm shift in retail training. Our In-Between Customers (IBC) model respects the unpredictable rhythm of retail. Unlike SCORM, INCITE allows associates to pause training with a single tap and resume later exactly where they left off, even on a different device. This flexibility means training happens in harmony with customer service, not at its expense.

Advantages of INCITE Over SCORM in Retail

  • Flexibility: INCITE’s non-linear approach fits the ebb and flow of retail, enabling associates to learn between customer interactions.
  • Immediate Application: Learning in small doses allows for immediate application of new knowledge, reinforcing retention and boosting confidence.
  • Customer First: INCITE ensures that training never interferes with customer service, aligning with the top priority of retail—customer satisfaction.

Embracing the Future of Retail Training with INCITE

The retail world needs a training solution as agile and customer-focused as the associates it aims to empower. With INCITE, retailers have a tool built for the reality of their work environment, ensuring that associates are knowledgeable and customers are never sidelined. As retail continues to evolve, INCITE stands ready to meet its training needs without compromise.