New York, NY – July 26, 2018

Patent Covers learning management systems and provides centrally updatable digital content on mobile devices

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Multimedia Plus announced today the upcoming issuance of U.S. Patent No. 10,049,417, entitled REMOTE DEVICE CONTENT AND LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD. MMP’s patent covers a system and method of providing centrally updatable digital content on local electronic devices via a remote device content and learning management system.

MMP’s latest technology addresses the challenges faced by the retail and services industries that require the delivering of media rich content via tablet or iPad devices on a daily basis. MMP is the creator of INCITE®, an app-based communications platform for the frontline to improve performance and the INCITE® Acceleration Server.

Retailers’ needs to deliver content have expanded greatly with daily media rich communications. As retailers are struggling with tablets that are at memory capacity, the result is constantly shuffling content from the cloud. The method ensures consistent communications of significant high-bandwidth content on shared devices, as well as being a step ahead for technology-leading retailers as they move to a 1:1 tablet-to-associate ratio.

“This patent confirms the leadership of Multimedia Plus in developing world-class technology solutions. Industries such as retail, hospitality, and restaurants will now be able to ensure centrally updatable digital content is available at the store level. By leveraging the speed of the local store network, all devices can be updated quickly, minimizing the use of external bandwidth, and providing a consistent and timely communications solution,” says David Harouche, CEO and CTO of Multimedia Plus.

Demand for easily accessible and measurable mobile-first solutions that empower frontline associates is growing rapidly as retailers are focusing on a stellar in-store customer experience to drive growth and success. INCITE®, powered by QuizScore, provides the frontline with ongoing, day-to-day updates, offensive skill-building, and strategies required in today’s fast-paced world. Key areas of communication include product knowledge, new up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, problem-solving techniques, professional and management development, the latest corporate announcements and other communications, as part of the programs delivered by Multimedia Plus on behalf of clients. Consistent with all INCITE® communications is the ability to view real-time metrics including the receipt of communications and progress of programs including question level detail from quizzes taken at the end of each module.


Multimedia Plus (MMP), leader in mACP (mobile associate communications platform), is transforming the way brands engage globally with app-based communications for the frontline to improve performance. MMP’s proprietary technology platform, INCITE powered by QuizScore®, ensures performance and execution of company strategies – where it counts – with customers. INCITE®