Multimedia Plus Unveils Summer Survey Insights: A Look Ahead at Retail and Hospitality’s Seasonal Strategies

New York, NY – April 10, 2024 – Multimedia Plus (, a leading training and communications technology company, has released its most recent survey results, offering insights into the pressing concerns and priorities of the retail and hospitality industries as they prepare for the Summer season. The survey, conducted March 26th– April 8th 2024, collected responses from 86 senior executives in these sectors, offers a valuable snapshot of the adaptive strategies in response to ongoing economic pressures and shifting consumer expectations.

Strategic Focus: Elevating Employee Training and Staffing for Summer Success

As leaders gear up for a critical season, the survey pinpoints employee training (30.23%), increasing staff (27.91%), and seasonal marketing and sales promotions (23.26%) as their top concerns. These priorities underscore the industry’s focus on enhancing workforce capabilities and customer engagement to navigate the competitive summer period effectively.

Leveraging Technological Advances for Enriched Customer Interactions

In leveraging technology for improved customer interactions, an impressive 40.48% of respondents are enhancing training with interactive, mobile learning platforms, while 28.57% integrate mobile payment options for speedier checkouts. These initiatives reflect a keen investment in technology to enrich the shopping experience and operational efficiency.

Budgeting for Innovation: Economic Considerations and Technological Investments

Despite economic headwinds, 54.55% of respondents report their technology spending remains unchanged, highlighting a strategic commitment to innovation amid budgetary constraints. A notable 18.18% are even increasing their tech budgets, aiming to harness technological advancements for competitive advantage.

Training Initiatives Taking the Lead

Operations training emerges as the highest priority training initiative (33.33%), followed by product knowledge (23.81%) and leadership development (11.9%). This emphasis on operational excellence and knowledgeable leadership is key to driving sales and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Innovative Front-line Platforms: Shaping Future Customer and Associate Experiences

Looking ahead, 26.83% plan to implement mobile learning platforms, and 14.6% are considering a customer experience App, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to empowering associates and streamlining operations.

Executive Insight

David Harouche, CEO & CTO of Multimedia Plus, commented, “This summer, the retail and hospitality industries faces unique challenges and opportunities. Our survey highlights the crucial role of employee training and technology in crafting memorable customer experiences. As leaders navigate this landscape, MMP’s INCITE platform stands ready to support their training, communication and customer engagement needs, driving both customer loyalty and sales.”

About Multimedia Plus

Multimedia Plus (MMP) empowers brands and their associates with the knowledge and tools they need to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Our INCITE platform ensures associates are experts in delivering on-brand experiences, increasing sales and customer loyalty. With its real-time information, communications, and customer engagement capabilities, INCITE is an invaluable tool for organizations across the retail, hospitality, and luxury industries. The company has a track record of conducting impactful surveys, including the Retail & Hospitality Impact Survey and Operational Procedures Still Searching for the New Normal.