COVID-19 Research Survey: Getting Ready for the Post Vaccine Consumer

Multimedia Plus, a training and communications technology company, released its fourth COVID-19 impact survey measuring the effects on pressing technology, training, and spending priorities in the retail and hospitality industries. The survey, launched on February 11, 2021 and closed on February 25, 2021, examined the challenges and opportunities facing post-vaccine staff communications and customer expectations. In total, 133 senior executives participated in the survey.


Meeting the new expectations of consumers ranks high on the list of post-vaccine challenges which is tied to the need for continuous communications with staff.  In the survey, 33% of respondents said that new consumer expectations are seen as one of the biggest challenges.

“We know that it is more important than ever to have a coordinated communications effort that quickly provides clarity about operating procedures, safety, health guidelines, and all of the training that comes with those initiatives.  Industry leaders understand the challenge and are focusing on technology to assist with optimal execution,” says David Harouche, CEO & CTO, Multimedia Plus.



To meet those challenges and the expectations of consumers, executives are focused on communications (32%), operational changes (30%) and technology (30%).  Harouche explains, “What we have come to understand over time and in speaking with industry leaders for our four surveys is that keeping frontline workers well trained and informed is the best way to keep staff and guests safe, and to have a smooth transition as everyone adjusts to relatively constant changes.”


Currently, communications and training of field employees is taking place over Zoom/Team Meetings as reported by 57% of the respondents.  In-person training was reported by 47% of the respondents and Email by 45%.  “The surprise in the survey is that while 55.88% use Zoom/Teams to currently communicate and train field employees, there are very few companies using a traditional LMS and even fewer using a mobile App.  Mobile app updates will focus on the opportunity to include Zoom integration and be able to measure participation and knowledge.  This knowledge transfer will happen via an app on the associate’s personal device and is a key for success,” comments Harouche.

The survey revealed that with the shift to remote work of HQ and support staff, communities for remote workers are being created with Zoom/Teams, as noted by 68% of executives.


Looking ahead, vaccine distribution is viewed to have a great impact on business by 42% of respondents while 40% said the easing of state-by-state restrictions will have the greatest impact. The perception is that the faster consumers are vaccinated, the faster they will want to return to the way life was before including shopping, and travel/hospitality.  Businesses understand this and are preparing.

About Multimedia Plus – Multimedia Plus is transforming the way brands communicate globally. MMP’s patented technology platform, INCITE, ensures performance and execution of company strategies – where it counts – with customers. The company’s programs are being used by brands globally and are translated into more than 22 languages.  The company has created a series of Covid-19 Impact Surveys, including: Retail & Hospitality Impact Survey and Operational Procedures Still Searching for the New Normal.