INCITE® is a mobile-first communications, training and task management platform designed for the frontline. The platform offers immediate access to information and skills used to increase revenue, improve productivity and help create impactful engagements with customers.

Platform Overview

The perfect blend of task management and dynamic training & communications

Being able to assign tasks to individuals and track completion seamlessly in a single interface with training and communications allows field leaders to manage their time more efficiently while setting their teams up for success.

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INCITE Kiosk transforms tablets into interactive retail displays, revolutionizing the in-store shopping experience. Customers can now explore product details, watch engaging videos, and interact with the brand like never before.

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Custom Content

For over 25 years MMP has designed and produced programs that continuously set the standard. Using both technology and media “Designed by MMP” is always evolving to cater to new audiences and achieve results.

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We partner with leading companies.

Communicate Better, Faster, Smarter

INCITE® is PCI compliant and device agnostic, enabling your teams to access their training and communications wherever they need it.

Key Features

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Video Without Streaming

Use video without bandwidth hiccups

Video without Streaming

Video has become the standard for training and communication, yet it is the most challenging to deliver because of bandwidth hiccups. With INCITE®, HD video content is downloaded in the background; it resides in and is retrieved from the device's memory, with no streaming, so users experience instant-on video.

Real-Time Data

Data is actionable for all levels of leadership

Real-Time Data

With INCITE® store leaders can be proactive by identifying opportunities in real-time, giving them data that they can use to impact sales, retention and customer happiness. Managers view data of their associate population, through their app dashboard. The entire company has visibility via the web on any device, making real-time data actionable and accountable.

Branded Experience

More than just a logo

Branded Experience

Designed to inspire and motivate organic participation through a beautifully designed, fun user interface. Field teams are more likely to participate in a platform that is an extension of the brand and available exclusively to them.

Drag & Drop Publishing

Easily create, target, publish communications and training

Drag & Drop Publishing

Easy drag and drop publishing give teams the agility they need to create and deliver interactive, media rich communication and training for the frontline. With INCITE®, teams have the independence they need to send content when they need to without the dependency on IT to distribute.

Speed to Deploy

Launch the platform in weeks, not months

Speed to Deploy

The pace of business is changing rapidly with new systems, processes, and initiatives. The need to communicate effectively ahead of these initiatives has never been more critical to their success. INCITE® should be the first wave of communication with a quick role out of 6-8 weeks, the front-line will be informed and ready.

Secure & Scalable

An enterprise grade, PCI compliant, global solution

Secure & Scalable

Whether you have 50 or 5,000 stores, INCITE® is capable of accommodating your company's needs. With security top of mind, INCITE® is PCI and SOC compliant.


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ROI: Impact Productivity and Reduce Cost

Eliminate payroll for off-the-floor training by training IBC (In-Between Customers)

Reduce printing, copying and shipping

Avoid cost for additional store bandwidth via patented non-streaming solution

Decrease travel and in-person training

Increase sales, productivity, and employee retention

Reduce IT support tickets due to video bandwidth hiccups

Reduce IT support of publishers through self-sufficient, easy to use CMS

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